•  Are you a mom who wants to connect with other moms?
  •  Do you want to go on an adventure with your kids?
  •  Do you want your kid to socialize more?
  •  Do you want to turn your events into an extravaganza?  

If yes, then Kiddoholics is a community waiting right there for you. Well, parenting is full of challenges, and perhaps one of the most surprising problems that are faced by mothers is that they can feel isolated. It’s not unusual for many parents, especially mothers, to spend days alone with their child. Moreover, if your friends don’t have children, it can become difficult to relate to them. Above all, your child too needs a company, and socializing is an essential part of child development. But with growing single families, safety concerns and apartment living socializing has become impossible. Thus, we designed Kiddoholics. 

Kiddoholics is a fun-filled club of mommies and kiddos. We are a community-led group meaning that anyone is welcome to post an event if they desire and you can decide what you want to do next.

With Kiddoholics you can arrange events like: 

  • Play-dates
  • Picnics
  • Movie-nights
  • game-nights
  • Amusement park visits
  • Camping trips
  • scavenger hunts
  • Birthday Parties
  • Geocaching, and a lot more! 

Tot’s Kiddoholics Kit

If your kid is always glued to mobile and TV when indoors and you have no other way to keep him busy, then here’s our Tot’s kiddoholic’s indoor kit. This fantastic kit has enough to keep your super active baby busy. Here’s all that this kit contains:

  • Jane Kit: Its a kit for baby boys, that has a cool T-shirt, bottle, cap, diary and more and guess what its in blue colour.   
  • MIA Kit: It’s a kit for baby girls that comes with a T-shirt, bottle, cap, diary, and many other things that are all coloured in girls’ favourite pink colour.
  • Membership card: Kids will love to flaunt their cool membership card of this kit.
  • Puzzle pieces: Well, your child will be busy for hours fixing this puzzle, and if he does fix it, you can again break it into pieces and give him a time-bound challenge.  
  • Word Search Games: Word search games will increase both IQ and vocabulary of your little one.
  • Colouring Page: Mia colouring page and Jane colouring page will reveal your child’s creativity.   
  • Spot the difference game: This game will bring out the detective hidden in him.  
  • Maze Puzzle: Well, while your smarty is buzzy reaching out to the treasure, you can complete all your work. Best thing is you get customized Mia and Jane maze puzzle. 


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