It doesn’t matter whether you are a first-time parent or you’ve kids of any age, Tots magazine is here to help you. Here at Tots Magazine, we aim to help you deal with parenting challenges so that you can rejoice your every parenting moment.

We will provide both general information and more specific guidance on parenting issues. Tots Magazine helps you with insightful details on different products and different parenting subjects, along with expert advice with a touch of humor. We intend to lend our support throughout your crazy journey of parenthood.

Tots Blog

On tots blog, you can read articles related to Pregnancy, Birth, Infancy, Early Childhood, teenage trouble, traveling with kids, products, Lifestyle, and a lot more. If you want you can also suggest us to write on any particular topic, you wish to read. You can send us your queries and suggestions at media@ 

Tots Kiddoholics

Tots magazine will provide you a place to read and learn; we also have a tots kiddohollics club where you and your kids can join and have lots of fun and physical activities. 

Tots Kiddoholics Café

Our online café is a place where we make entertaining yet educating and fun-filled programs for kids. It is also a place where your kid can get a platform to showcase his talent.  

Tots Shop

Tots shop is where we bring the best of stuff for kids, moms, and dads to shop. We have strict policies of selecting the vendors for our tot’s shop, and we try to provide you with the best and quality products online. 

Our Mission

When it comes to parenting tips online, most magazines and blogs deal with western European culture. Many tips, advice, and products available on these portals are not suitable from the Indian parent perspective. Thus, we at Tots Magazine decided to build a platform to help Indian parents exclusively. We not only provide you with valuable content. We also provide you with tons of entertainment and quality products. 

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